Wanting a change?

Wanting something different? Wanting to be doing more in your life, something more interesting, satisfying, something that speaks to the potential within you that is yearning to be fulfilled?


Are you feeling stuck busting a gut in a job you just don’t care about? Every day just feels like it’s about paying the bills while you dream about doing work that inspires you and feels more meaningful and useful?

Making this happen may mean having to restudy and retrain. It may mean having to take a pay cut to do the job you really want to be doing. It may mean initially having to cut back big on expenses: rent/living expenses and your social life. These changes and inconveniences can be worth it to be heading in the direction you really wanting to be headed in rather than plodding along the same road you’re currently on.


The change you are wanting won’t be achieved without some effort and sacrifice, including a big leap of faith. To get started you’ll need to believe in yourself, be willing to work hard and put in the effort to make the change. Just putting that one foot on the path is the first big step and then going on with the next step. Don’t stop yourself before you’ve even started by making yourself feel overwhelmed by the whole journey that might be in front of you; the journey will always be impossible if you never take the first step. It will take courage and effort but it’s the untravelled path with new adventures to be had, new people to meet and new connections to be made. Reach out to others along the way, appreciate and take up their offers of help and support. It’ll be much easier with people’s help than trying to do it all on your own.


You don’t have to go straight into signing up for a course or making big declarations about what you’re going to do. Allow yourself to be interested in the change you’re wanting to make. Create conversations and speak with people who are doing what you’re wanting to move into, do some research, maybe read some articles. Find those people in the field and find out what it’s like and how they got there. You never know, someone you speak to may just have an opportunity to offer you or provide you with some new information or ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise come across. Just first start by putting a voice to your yearning and then go from there. Just wanting it isn’t enough. You are the only one who can make change happen – and it can happen.