Stress and Bosses!

I posted an article I’d come across titled Study Reveals that a Bad Boss can Make Employees Sick on my Facebook Page. In summary it states that bad bosses are a major cause of stress at work and that prolonging that situation causes increasingly more damage to your physical and mental health. The research confirms this experience for 75% of working Americans – which I’m sure is likely to be much the same for many other countries such as the UK and Australia. The article goes on to say that the Harvard Business School and Stanford University found that the impact on our health can be as damaging as that from passive smoking! stress-free

While it’s an interesting comparison to passive smoking, they’re not finding out much that we don’t already know: the health of our mind and body is interlinked. Stress impacts us in a myriad of ways, e.g.  painful muscle tension, sleeplessness, and affecting our appetite. It even ends up being the catchall for other symptoms we experience that doctors can’t explain like missed and abnormal periods or stomach and digestive issues, when all other tests return normal results.

There are a lot of unknowns yet to be uncovered by science and medicine. Know yourself: mind and body; physical and emotional. Good health is about knowing yourself – about balance and self-regulation, which is another reason why I like Gestalt so much!