Self-worth: unhealthy actions

I was quite impressed when I read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald: Online dating has been a huge part of my life, and now I’m burnt out as I felt it was very personal, relevant and insightful, and not written to advertise anything! It really speaks to the sort of challenges around self-worth that clients bring to therapy.


People yearn. They yearn for partnership, for confidence, for recognition, appreciation, status, to feel more attractive, to feel “good enough”, for many things – which is normal in life! What I notice though is that there is a point where healthy reaching out can morph into something very unhealthy. It’s also not limited just to dating and sex but also relates to other areas such as food, alcohol, drugs, exercise, shopping, always having to be busy and many others. The important part is being able to realise when your actions have actually become unhealthy, affecting your self-worth, making you feel empty rather than giving you a sense of fulfillment and achievement, and to find a way to stop, to face what has happened, to understand what it has all been about and to find a way to get back onto a healthier track.