How Can Psychotherapy Help Me?

Who Seeks Therapy?

Those seeking counselling and psychotherapy ultimately want some kind of change and improvement in themselves and their lives. Change cannot be forced or just simply learnt by rote. Change is a gradual process of lived experience and it is through the therapeutic relationship that change can emerge. 

More than a just a listening ear, what I offer is openness, support, empathy, experiential exploration and graded challenge within a collaborative partnership with you.  The growth of this relationship involves time, commitment, patience, a level of self-awareness and a certain amount of grace enabling us to create a space where you can confidentially explore your fears, anxieties, concerns and any other issues.  It is through this relationship that change can happen.

How is Change Achieved in Psychotherapy?

Friends and family are more than capable of giving you their opinions and advice; differently and through a Gestalt approach, I work collaboratively and alongside you.


Through an interest born of intent and mutual curiosity rather than checklists and plans, together we will explore your lived experience and gain a better understanding of what it means to be you.  With a greater level of self-awareness and widened perspective, you will grow and find greater flexibility in how you are in certain situations. This will then enable you to make different choices in your life.

Why Attend Psychotherapy?

Being professionally qualified in Gestalt Psychotherapy I provide specific individual, confidential attention with ethical practice. I am not there to judge you or your decisions, nor try to advise you on what you should be doing as some well-meaning family and friends might. What we discuss is confidential: you don’t need to tell anyone you’re coming for therapy, or discuss anything that happens in the session with anyone else. You also won’t have the worries you might have when talking with friends, for example, someone telling someone else you know, or about being wrongly judged or misunderstood.


I have experience in supporting and listening to tricky subjects and feelings. If you can’t easily find the words, I can help you find the words and your voice. Nothing is too difficult for me to hear or too shameful. You don’t need to deal with everything on your own.

If you would like an experienced, confidential, non-judgmental, compassionate space to seek change, then please contact me.